Hello, our names are Elizabeth and Ryan Blackwell and along with my children (Brody, Brayden and Brighton) and our wonderful and generous friends, we are performing charity outreach to the homeless within the Chicago Loop.  On an average week, we assist between 40 to 60 men and women ranging in age between 16 to 75 year old.

The mission of this charity is to incrementally improve the lives of people who are homeless relating to their medical care, nutrition, hygiene and dignity.

The vision of this outreach is to provide services that would raise the quality of life for a homeless person by increments of three hours, three days and/or three months by addressing immediate lifesaving needs; items and services for short-term safety and self-worth; and navigating paths for sustainable success.

The core values of this service will be guided by the believe that all people merit basic humanity outreach.