The Seemingly Randomness of Grace

The phrase “random act of kindness” is well used in our lives; but I would reason that these exchanges are anything but accidental. The orbit between those in need and those with blessings seems to always be in sync.

It is an all too common sight to see a homeless person shuffling down a Chicago street shivering in the subzero temperatures with frostbitten feet and hands; and they have little hope for relief, let alone comfort. I always tear up when I pull my outreach bus to the curb to realize that we know each other from previous nights. The thought of this person suffering breaks my heart.

New sleeping bags, shoes, socks, coats, jeans and backpacks are handed out with almost disbelief. Their prayers for warmth, clean clothes and fresh food are answered in such a seemingly random way; but it’s not unsystematic at all. This is the Miracle of Grace that repeats itself countless times in all of our lives.

Friends, let us all be brave enough to both accept Grace and be the instrument of it when called.

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