“A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal…” Steve Maraboli

As I started to write this update on the homeless project I was stumbling significantly. I don’t have the elegance in my writing that Ryan has, and with only being up there every several weeks, I don’t have nearly the tales of heroism or saddness. It is difficult to make sorting and packing seem interesting. But then the spirit of the holiday hit me, with one of the most important parts of my posts, I am the one who gets to say “THANK YOU”. I am so grateful for the friends (and strangers who have now become friends) who have joined us to help others. Each week it is my job to encourage people to donate, and when they do, I get to hug them and say thank you. I get to show people that they can make a huge difference with small gestures. I know exactly how big of a difference a pair of socks can make, and have seen first hand how a donated coat can greatly impact someone who is freezing. Grateful isn’t a strong enough word for how I feel to be involved in this project.

A huge thank you to Jennifer Oberle Schaltz and family for ordering several hats and scarves that will help to keep some people warm. Thank you so much to Andy Jensen for bringing several boxes to give as they visited family for the thanksgiving holiday. Thank you to Sajee Orison, Kent Dunkelbarger and family, Thomas ElliottJill HellrigelCassandra TaylorJan White, and Rita Pogioli for clothing and blankets they donated. Todd Walbert and Stacy Waldrop thank you for the items you have. We will get them picked up from you this week. Thank you to Mary McNichols Marchal for meeting with Ryan and I to help us plan the next steps to increase the help we offer. Thank you as always to Danell Culkin for helping us to spread the word and connect with those who wish to give. If there is anyone who I missed in naming, please know my thanks to you as well. There truly isn’t enough ways to express my gratitude. I only hope that I can continue to find others who wish to help as well. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend.

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