Smiling Faces Braving the Storm

It was a drenching week in Chicago as severe weather hit the city these past five days. Rain has soaked everything and the thunder and lightning traumatized those homeless seeking protection under overpasses, in doorways and in between dumpsters. Everything got ruined; tents, blankets, clothes, food and to a large extent people’s mental state. Yet in between the storm bursts, people came out of the shadows looking for relief. And I feel so blessed to have had the bus full of donations ready to assist.

Terry Kristi Goss made sandwiches that fed dozens of people and Jim Ash provided hygiene items and socks that helped just as many. Jason Torres and Sara ‘Gregory’ Torres had a box full of stuffed animals and over the counter medical supplies that went to smiling and appreciative people in need. And Jean Grys, Danell Culkin, Connie Duden have continually filled the bus week by week.

Financial donations from Phil Brown, Jim Nadenbush, Joy Sellers-Overturf, Phil Ahearn, Connie Wood, Jeff Paschen Amanda Winne Fritz, Denise Johnson Teaney and many others added to the much needed supplies.

I usually relay the stories of those we serve, but the old saying goes that pictures tell a thousand stories. Thank you everyone that have made such generous donations, relayed kinds words and kept us all in your prayers.

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