The Evidence of Grace through Hope

I’ve learned that, among other things, Grace is said to be a spiritual movement that places those with blessings in the path of those in need. Such was the case with Mr. Beal, a 58yo homeless man from Poland who spoke broken English and had been in America for just under a year. He came to the United States so his wife could get treatment for breast cancer, but she succumbed to the illness three months ago. Having spent all of his money to obtain visas, travel accommodations and treatment cycles, he has been left penniless. As such, he is wearing all of his worldly possessions and has been sleeping on a piece of cardboard for the past two weeks. He is a broken man in most respects.

From a goods aspect, he received our donated items such as shoes, pants, sweaters, blankets and hygiene items; and even enjoyed some coffee we had on hand. However what seemed to make a more profound impact was a group of people who acknowledged him as a person of value and someone who should have hope. Having someone show true sympathy for his plight and praise him for his strength brought him to tears; well, both of us to tears.

He’s currently reaching out to his consulate to get sponsorship to travel back to his home in Krakow, Poland hopefully in the next couple of weeks. As his heart heals, I hope that he sees the humanity around him and speaks well of the people he’s met in America.


And this hope was a result of generous donations from JeanGrys, Connie Duden, Ruth Kulmala-Repp, Janet Culkin, Angela Austin Sales, Jim Eubanks, Steven Hamilton, Veronika Ossul, Alecia Rahn-Blakeslee, Cindy Hewett, Jim Levesque, Jason Torres, Darryl Hom, Jim Nadenbush, Tom Itschner, Cory Helmick, Julie McElwee, Amanda Winne Fritz, Stacey Smith Kelley, Jon Hill, Christopher Porter, Gloria Fangmeier, Gurneet Sagger, Ian Goldberg, Peggy Goldberg, Cindy Quiles, Tim Casady, Jason Patera, Danell Culkin, Robert Short, Andrea Pescaglia Schade, Jennifer Oberle Schaltz, Sharon Gates and everyone else that’s dropped off items. God Bless you all!

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