Hopes for Incremental Improvement

I had the continued blessings to distribute needed items to the homeless on the streets of Chicago last night; and it was a striking contrast to the election coverage on the TVs seen through the windows of the upscale restaurants in the River North neighborhood. And, I am not often brought to tears, but last night was an exception.

After giving out the food, blankets, coats and medical supplies, I usually ask everyone how they’re going; are they being treated well and how else I might be of service. As the homeless will customarily only take items that they can use and carry, they usually relay that they’re mostly OK but always wish for an easier time of things. However last night, Tall John, sitting next to his art supplies, teared up while relaying that he missed his Mom and he hopes his Father never seems him this way. Marty, holding his peanut butter, crackers and coats, conveyed the loss of his late wife who passed of cancer three years ago. And Paul, holding his donation cup while looking through the truck for extra t-shirts, cannot currently see a path off the streets.

I can only hope that these interactions are some sort of incremental improvement for those most in need. And I’m reminded that somewhere there are Mothers and Fathers hoping that their children are being shown compassion and charity while they’re estranged from one another. I’m humbled by this thought; and I cannot thank everyone enough for your donations that have made that service possible.

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