The Lonliness of the Upcoming Winter

I was solo this evening while handing out items to the homeless; and it afforded me some more time to sit and talk to everyone longer than usual. The 25 people that I met again all had the usual feelings of hunger, sickness and increasingly cold. Previous outings had everyone sharing a fairly upbeat tone, but this evening most were sad and a bit scared. Specifically, several had significant wound infections that were keeping them from walking and they feared that they may loose their foot or leg. Most can feel the upcoming Winter and have a general feeling of dread in terms of the cold and seasonal loneliness.

As always, everyone was thankful for the meager items that were distributed: socks, shirts, antibiotic cream and wipes, anti-fungal cream, pop tarts, sport’s bars, water, etc. Additionally, I received some warm hugs and sincere handshakes when concluding our conversations.

I want to thank Kristan Huenink, Jean Grys, Elise Dinquel Zwicky for your donations these past couple of weeks. Please know that the recipients of your donated items will have fuller bellies, warmer nights and some relief from things that ails them.

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