Our reasons for charity outreach…

As many of you might know, my family does homeless outreach in the city of Chicago; and our intent is to provide small incremental improvements to those in need. We do this by distributing food, medical supplies, hygiene items and seasonal specific clothing. On average, we serve between 40 to 60 people a week mostly on Sunday and Wednesday nights.

There are many reasons why we do this; but as of late I have found the most prevalent one a bit ironic. Frankly, it just makes us feel good. The majority of the people we meet are very friendly and exceedingly thankful of the assistance. Our interactions are genuine, warm and simple.

I’ve been increasingly bothered by toxicity; and interacting with a nice group of people in such a straight forward way makes me feel good about myself and those around me.

Have a wonderful Sunday night everyone and a blessed week!

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