Concentrating on the Need and Not the Cause

In interacting with the homeless and working in healthcare, I’ve observed that the lowest level of the populous receives the least amount of diagnosis and treatment for medical issues. If we collectively concentrate on the need and less on the cause, then charity is not only justified but should be a larger part of our resources. I can say with all certainty, that everyone’s’ donations of food, clothes and medicines are providing lifesaving aid to some of the most in need. I only wish that those who donate from afar could see the difference that it makes; and the gratitude of those receiving.

This week continued to see an increase in both the number of people and the seriousness of their situation. In just the past four days, we collectively helped just short of 65 homeless stuck on the streets of Chicago!

Thank you so much Elizabeth Blackwell, Tonya Calvert, Bill Calvert, Jennifer Oberle Schaltz, Danell Culkin, Carey Stu Alexander, Cindy Eberly Quiles and all for allowing me to be a conduit for this growing cause.

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